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The Liberty Amendments – Virginia’s First!!

Mark Levin’s historic book – The Liberty Amendments (LA) – calls for a convention, under Article V, to consider proposing amendments for ratification by the states (My Take).   This profoundly important path forward, which all of U.S. inherited from our Founders, will impact our country and her politics in several ways.  The most obvious is how Levin’s amendments will constrain the federal government to bring it in line with the principles of self-government, inherent in the natural rights all human beings are entitled to, and will redistribute power from political elites to We The People.  For example, the Term Limits Amendment will help replace career politicians with patriots and constitutionalists.

However, there’s another layer – another profound impact of the process of advancing the Liberty Amendments – and that’s the impact on elections.  I’m a former project manager; I like to walk through new ideas step by step:

  1. To start, use social media and our networks to make LA a priority – already happening.
  2. Engage with willing state legislators, explain the idea and get them up to speed – the right ones will get excited, the wrong ones will be confused, indignant or agitated – focus on the right ones.
  3. Supportive state legislators will feature LA in their campaigns – setting themselves apart from their loser opponents that will struggle to make the case against self-government.
  4. Making LA part of campaigns effectively puts Freedom & Self-Government on the ballot; patriots will be drawn to the polls and elect like-minded individuals – black, white, man, woman, Republican, Libertarian or Democrat. Many of US don’t show up because we’ve lost any hope that our vote matters – why put our faith in yet another politician?  But voting for a Liberty Amendments supporter is different – it’s a vote for real change, real limits on federal power that will make a huge difference – arguably more than any other single act as a US citizen.
  5. However, the effect will not be limited to state races – how politicians running for Congress react to the Liberty Amendments will tell us a lot about who to trust and who to vote out.  As Levin warns, there will be a visceral reaction to these amendments from the statists.
  6. Bottom-line – this puts the national narrative back in the arena of ideas where we dominate – balanced budgets, fiscal discipline, taking power back from the ruling class.  Opponents will be forced to defend voter fraud, career politicians, record deficits and monstrous zero-accountability 1000 page bills.

Exciting, huh?  Can’t wait to get started?  Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Virginia or New Jersey, with off-year state elections, we can put the Liberty Amendments on the ballot this year!! 


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